Health Benefits

Today, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact of personal products on overall health. They know of the increased costs, added chemicals as well as commercial processes that are applied in the manufacture of personal hygiene items such as facial scrubs or soap. These are soaps we use to bathe ourselves and our loved ones.


Manufacturers are incorporating toxic substances that encourage cancers and diseases. The dyes and fragrances used are associated with skin afflictions and allergies. It is because of this that most consumers have realized homemade soap benefits.


Most recipes involve mixing oils like coconut and olive as well as adding an agent like lye to facilitate the soap making chemistry. These recipes might also include some fragrances that are in the form of various essential oils. Some people also incorporate natural additives like cornmeal, lavender, oatmeal or rosemary. 


Glycerine is the primary component in real soap that traps moisture. Most commercial manufacturers eliminate glycerine so as to use it in skin creams and lotions. There is no problem with this but what is delivered to consumers is a product that can function as laundry detergent. People who make their own soap at home decide the kind of ingredients to use and those not to remove. Irritation and skin dryness are the most popular side effects that most people are afflicted with.


Soaps are formulated to clean but homemade soaps can do more than just clean, they are robust. This is because you can incorporate additional ingredients like essential oils or herbal supplements. Therefore, making your own soap at home allows you to tailor it to satisfy your personal health requirements. In addition, you can simply enhance its aromatherapy quality while bathing. Homemade soaps allow consumers to add certain ingredients to act as extra moisturizing agents or for exfoliation. 


Homemade soaps can really help those who are afflicted by chronic skin conditions. This is because natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, olive oil etc. can be incorporated into it to add a healing touch to your daily skin routine. These soaps are the secret to that youthful and healthy skin that you have always wanted because all its ingredients are grown from the earth itself.