About Us

Hello there and welcome to SugarVerse Bath and Body!
My name is Riiva Williams and I am the owner and operator here at SugarVerse. The name SugarVerse came from a brand that I have created over the years and I just could not let the idea go. I haven build and created ideas from SugaCoated to Intoxicating Chef and now we are here!
We are currently located in Lithonia, GA and was established this year on June 1st 2020. Soaps have always been a fascination of mines and now I am able to put my dreams into reality and with many of my family members with very sensitive skin it was befitting to create our own brand that was able to help soothe that problem.
We take great joy in making luxurious soaps using quality ingredients. We do occasionally use animal milks and honey, but we do not use any animal fats in our soapmaking.
We are currently working on expanding to create other bath and body products. We will continue to add to our line as we research and develop new products.
Thank you for supporting our small business! When you purchase from our small business, you help to provide for our family and for that we are forever grateful.